About Philippine Taxonomic Initiative Inc.

Who are we?
Philippine Taxonomic Initiative Inc. is an independent, not-for-profit, non-government organization that is focused on advancing the discovery and description of plants and animals in the Philippines, providing local taxonomists with the skills they need to do this work autonomously, and supporting research into the ecology of new plant and animal species. PTI was founded in September 2018, and is managed by a team of experts who coordinate and provide technical support for PTI projects and collaborations.

What do we do?
We initiate and support taxonomic and ecological research projects to better understand the biota of the Philippines, both independently, and in collaboration with academic institutions, local governments, community groups, and other organizations. Philippine Taxonomic Initiative conducts its research and activities while maintaining high ethical and legal standards, according to correct scientific methods

Who is involved?
The current Board of Trustees consists of Shem Jose Garcia (Chair), Raab Bustamante (Secretary), John Charles Altomonte  (Treasurer), Reijiro Sato Jr. and Maverick Tamayo


Our Partners