Terrestrial orchid Habenaria gibsonii var. foetids thrives on Panay Island

Vina Medenilla, Manila Bulletin, August 07, 2022

Bagong endemic species ng halaman ipinangalan sa isang Bicolanong biologist, March 31, 2022

Endemic plant named after late BUeño

Arnold C. Noda, Bicol University Website, March 30. 2022

New plant species discovered in Albay, named after late Bicolano biologist

Richa Noriega, BM, GMA News, March 29, 2022

New aromatic flower Ridsdalea philippinensis discovered in El Nido

Sharleen Gabriel, Manila Bulletin, March 17, 2022

Jenna Genio, Palawan Daily News, December 10,2020


On a Philippine mountain, researchers describe a ‘fire flower’ orchid species

Keith Anthony Fabro, Mongabay, August 13, 2020


A new flowering plant Begonia beijnenii discovered in Palawan.

Yu Pin Ang, Manila Bulletin, September 6, 2020


New plant species found in San Vicente.

Evo Joel Contravida, Palawan Daily News, September 5, 2020


New plant Discovered in Port Barton.

Evo Joel Contravida, Palawan Daily News, August 14, 2020


Illegal plant trade, tourism threaten new Philippine flowering herbs.

Keith Anthony Fabro, Mongabay, August 13, 2020


Flora researchers name new begonia species after local naturalist guide. 

Romar Miranda, July 24, 2020


New species of one of the largest flowering plant genera discovered in Palawan 

Noreen Jazul, Manila Bulletin July 24, 2020


New helmet orchid species discovered in Palawan 

Romar Miranda, July 24, 2020


A tiny new orchid species was found in Palawan

Andie Estella, June, 25, 2020

Andie Estella,, June 25, 2020


New Species Of Helmet Orchid Found In Palawan Province

Maestro Valle Rey, June 1, 2020


Filipino led research team discover new helmet orchid species in Palawan

Lorenzo Cruz, June 16, 2020


Discovery of new Palawan orchid species published in science journal 


Corybas circinatus, a new orchid found in Palawan

Evo Joel Contravida, Palawan Daily News, April 30, 2020