Philippine Taxonomic Initiative Inc. Team


John Patykowski

John is a plant ecologist specialising in vegetation dynamics after disturbance and the role of species in ecosystem functioning. He completed a PhD at Deakin University, Australia, and has almost a decade of experience working in the environmental sector including teaching, research, and advocating for policy.


Alastair Robinson

Alastair is a botanist with a passion for cryptic plants that are often overlooked by others. He has worked in the Philippines since 2007, and led the first documented climb to the summit of Mount Victoria, where Nepenthes attenboroughii was discovered. A proponent of collaborative work and teaching, he has undertaken research across the archipelago, in tandem with local researchers, for over a decade.


Raab Bustamante

Raab, the Founder and Executive Director of PTI, has been studying the taxonomy of the Philippine flora for more than a decade. He specialises in a wide range of plant families, including Begoniaceae, Araceae and Orchideaeae, along with different habitat types, such as karst limestone & tropical moist broadleaf forests.